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5 Words to Avoid When Seeing a New Brow Artist

Hey there, brow besties! 🌈✨

Embarking on a journey with a new brow artist can feel a bit like a first date. You're excited, maybe a bit nervous, and hoping it's the beginning of a beautiful relationship. But just like in dating, there are certain things you might not want to say to keep the magic alive. So, before you sit down in that salon chair and spill your brow history, let's chat about the 5 words (or phrases) to avoid when

seeing a new brow artist. Trust me, it's for the best!

1. "Just Do Whatever"

While you might think this shows you're easy-going, it's like telling a chef to "just cook something." Artists thrive on direction and understanding your preferences. Instead, try saying, "I'm open to suggestions but here's what I like..."

2. "Make Them Look Like Hers"

Bringing a photo of your favorite celeb's brows as inspiration? Totally cool. Expecting to walk out looking exactly like them? Not so cool. Remember, brows are as unique as fingerprints. Aim for, "I love her brows. Can we achieve something similar that suits my face?"

3. "I Hate My Brows"

Starting off on a negative note can set the tone for the whole appointment. Your brow artist is here to help, not judge. Flip the script to, "I'm looking to improve my brows. What do you recommend?"

4. "Hurry Up"

Good brows take time. Rushing your artist is like rushing a painter in the middle of a masterpiece. If you're in a pinch, it's better to say, "I have limited time today. Is there a quick fix we can do now, and maybe schedule a follow-up for more?"

5. "That's Not How My Last Artist Did It"

While it's helpful to share past experiences, try not to compare your new artist to your last one. It's like telling your new chef how your ex made spaghetti. Instead, focus on what you're hoping to achieve now: "I've had different experiences, but I'm excited to see your approach!"

In Conclusion: Communication Is Key

Remember, a trip to a new brow artist is all about collaboration. It's your face, your brows, and your vision, but with their expertise and artistry. By avoiding these phrases, you're not just dodging potential brow blunders; you're opening the door to a fabulous brow future.

So, next time you're gearing up to meet a new brow wizard, keep these tips in mind. With the right communication, you're on your way to not just great brows, but a great brow relationship.

Here's to finding your brow soulmate and living happily ever after in the land of perfect arches! 🌟👀

💖 AF

ps. if you're in HAwaii, and in need of a new brow artist, im here for ya! just go to my website to book your now.

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