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Video Success RoadMap

IF you're saying yes... this guide is for you!

Check out what you'll walk away with:

Aimee French, CEO & Visonary of Aimee French Beauty

Do you have a hard time creating: post descriptions, ad copy, video scripts?


press record without the worry of not articulating information clearly and going off subject 

"ah ha" moment

things will click into place and feel not as daunting when creating  content

Aimee French, CEo & Visionary of Aimee French Beauty

Aloha I'm Aimee, the face and talent behind this brick & mortar beauty biz. About 5 years ago you wouldn't have had any idea who I was because I was too shy to show my face on camera due to my introverted self.

Its easy for Extroverts to say-just do it, press record, blah blah... but as an Introvert, its not that easy to get over the mind tricks, the introspective anxiety, sweat dripping from every ungodly crevice of your body and not to mention, blanking out once your mouth opens.

As they say, it gets easier with practice, (it does) but it's also easier with a plan.

I've put together this "Video Success Road-Map" script to streamline the uncomfortable process to make it a little easier to show up on video without the hesitation. 


Create a wash and repeat script that you can use for videos, writing ad copy and more!

Find me on IG and send me a DM if this has helped you in any way I'd love to hear about it!

for more motivation and accountability or stop in to just say aloha, check out my IG:  

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