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Virtual Brow Shaping class 

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learn how to use what you already have or if you are starting from nothing, check out my recommended "Brow Tool Box"
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Who am I?

Are you new to my page and meeting me for the first time? Aloha! Hello, I'm Aimee French, a Licensed Esthetician of 20 years and Permanent Makeup Artist of 10, specializing in Anatomical Brow Shaping. With over 10k brow clients, I've transformed the faces of some of the most elite figures in Hawaii. With an Esthetic background, When it comes to Brow Shaping, I incorporate the facial bone structure along with facial features to create a 100% customized and anatomically correct brow shape.

what to expect

Brow Shaping

shape your brows customizably for you and only you

Brow filling

correctly fill your brows in with the tools you already have on hand 

Brow Tools

use different modalities like a brow pencil, brow powder, and Brow Pomade to shape and fill your brows

face to face

be in the hot seat and get a customized brow shaping.

**mention in your submission if you want to be called up for the hot seat**

walk with confidence knowing your brows are on point


$11 usd

Brow Tool Box

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