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Aimee French owner and artist of Aimee French Beauty

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Media Aimee French has worked with professionally

Aimee French, a licensed Esthetician and Brow Tattoo Specialist, boasts over two decades of expertise in the field. She has transformed the look of over 10,000 women across Hawaii, skillfully correcting uneven and misshaped brows by providing them with meticulously tailored, anatomically correct eyebrows.


Emerging from her personal challenges with excessive hairiness, Aimee French transformed her struggles into a thriving Esthetic career. She single-handedly owns and operates two esteemed salons ‘Aimee French Beauty’ located in Oahu and Kauai, Hawaii. Within these sophisticated establishments, Aimee passionately showcases her expertise, offering services such as Natural-Realistic Microblading, Anatomical Brow Waxing, Hard Wax Brazilians, and Brow Tattoo Removal. In addition to her in-salon services, Aimee provides an extensive array of online waxing courses, designed to serve both licensed professionals and those enthusiastic about DIY Waxing.


Aimee French, celebrated as Hawaii's leading Brow Expert, has been acknowledged by Honolulu Magazine's "Best Of" for her standout Waxing Salon. The breadth of her craft has been spotlighted on local platforms such as KITV4, KHON2, and Hawaii News Now’s newest show “HI Now Daily”.


Esteemed personalities, like intentional living advocate and entrepreneur Chelsea Yamase and Kimi Werner, a U.S. champion free diver, culinary chef, award-winning environmental advocate and speaker, Hollywood Makeup Artist Danielle Rush and Kauai’s Radio DJ Meghann Matsuda showcase her Natural-Realistic Microblading brow artistry. 


In addition to these amazing clients, Aimee is proud to count American actress and surfer Sonya Balmores among those who trust her with their brows.

Media figures, including American Idol finalist & CBS13 Good Day Sacramento’s Jordan Segundo, Emmy winner and News Anchor Ashley Nagaoka, and HI Now Daily's Rachel Pacarro & Lauren Teruya as well as KITV4’s host & producer of Island Life Nikki Holbrook entrust their brows to Aimee's expertise.


Her insights were prominently featured on Angela Anderson's "Beauty Social Breakthrough" podcast, Brandi Taylor's "Business Beauty Network" podcast, and she gained notable recognition in Kauai Lifestyle Magazine's summer 2015 issue 11, with a feature penned by Amber Nightingale titled "Charmed by the Brow". Consistently for six years, Aimee has been the definitive Brow Artist for Miss Hawaii America and Miss Kauai USA.

Aimee French, owner and artist of Aimee French Beauty

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